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Sometimes, when you get really excited, eating half a box of girl scout cookies seems like a good idea. IT IS.

–Victoria Schwab

Victoria [V.E.] Schwab is an American author known for her adult books under V.E. Schwab and her young adult and middle grade books under Victoria Schwab. Most notable publications include: Vicious and A Darker Shade of Magic.


As Victoria Schwab

As V.E. Schwab

Novellas & Short Stories

  • The Ash-Born Boy (2012)
  • Warm Up (2013)
  • Leave the Window Open (2015)

Planned Novels

  • The Returned (Book 3 of The Archived series)
  • Untitled #1 (Speculative Fiction) (TBA)
  • Untitled #2 (Speculative Fiction) (TBA)


My online chatter is 95% random and/or useless information, but every now and then I try to drop a soundbite that bears at least a vague resemblance to advice/wisdom/etc.
Most of it happens on Twitter between midnight and 2AM. If I say something that seems to resonate with the internets, I’ll try to post it here.
No matter what you write, some people will love it and some will want to burn it with fire. Which can be hard, but both are better than ‘meh’.
My one and only piece of writing advice: the only thing that works is whatever works for YOU.
If you want to write something, then write it, but write it for you and go in knowing that if it’s only ever for you, that’s enough.
The things we write for ourselves become the best things we write for others.
The more complicated your story, the simpler the bones should be. Erect your crazy architecture on stable scaffolding.
Sometimes I just stop and sit very, very still and think about the fact that I’m being given the chance to do this, to live this, and it takes my breath away.
There’s a difference between fear and paralysis. And I’ve learned that I don’t have to “grow up” to be open to opportunity, to be willing to step through doors without being pushed. I just have to be brave. I just have to be slightly braver than I am scared.
Whether you’re waiting on something big or something small, waiting expands to distract from however much attention you have.
I try to read something, watch something, learn something, and writing something every single day. If I can do that, I feel like I’ve grown in some way.
Sometimes, when you get really excited, eating half a box of girl scout cookies seems like a good idea. IT IS.



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  • Schwab's favourite variety of Tea is English Breakfast in the morning. While in the evening, her favourite is jasmine or mint green tea. However, she despises Earl Grey Tea [4] and labels the tea as an "imposter". [5]