Splitting the Wiki

With news of A Darker Shade of Magic tv series, This Savage Song's movie rights and Vicious being optioned for a movie, I feel this wiki might need to be split into several different wikis.

I think it would be easier if these books would have separate wikis because the series is becoming wider with new books and (possible) adaptations. It seems a bit odd to have everything bundled together when the series are completely separate. And due to possible adaptations, the series won't just belong to V.E. Schwab either.

So, I propose that this wiki gets split into 4 wikis: Shades of Magic Wiki, Vicious Wiki, Monsters of Verity Wiki and possibly The Archived Wiki? Then on each of the main page, something along the lines of the V.E. Schwab Network or Wiis could be added. The content would have to be moved to each wiki.

One problem is that I probably won't be able to manage 4 wikis on my own, so I am looking for other users to act as admins on each. If you want to become a admin on one of the wikis, then reply to this and I'll make you one. (Although, I'm not sure how many will see this but still)

So, should we split the wiki like stated above, or not??

Should this wiki be split into 4 wikis?

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